The Regina Tunic and Dress (and the Regem too)

A couple of weeks ago Sofilantjes released the Regem Shirt.  Regem is Latin for King, so a Queen pattern was necessary.

In twirls the Regina Tunic and Dress.  The Regina is a boatneck dress that has 2 skirt options and 3 sleeve length options.  There is also a regular sleeve and a pleated shoulder sleeve option and POCKETS!

I love Sofilantjes patterns.  They come together so quickly and there usually aren’t many pattern pieces. You can have an amazing piece of clothing for your kids with not much effort. That’s my favorite thing.

Back to the Regina.  I made the tunic and the dress. Both with pleated skirts.  One with pockets and the pleated sleeve.  The other with no pockets (I got yelled at for that) and the Regem colorblocked sleeve.





Up first the Regina Dress.  I used the Heartbreak fabric from Mabel Madison for this version. I did the pleated sleeve and I love it. The mini human loved it too. She hated taking pictures though.  I had to promise lots of candy.





The next version I made was the tunic length and the cat fabric is also from Mabel Madison. You can join the group here and get yours.

If you know me you know that I love to have the minis matching.  The matching fabric was not enough I had to do the Regem cuff on the Regina.  I think that little extra touch really brought these two tops together.

For the first time ever Sofilantjes is discounting the bundle even further than usual! Grab your copy today!

You can get the King and Queen Bundle here and make your own matching outfits.

The sale ends Monday at 6pm.  Their sales are always short and sweet. Don’t miss it!


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