Boys Can Wear Pink – Season 4

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I was excited to participate in Boys Can Wear Pink Season 4 hosted by Kelly at Handmade Boy.  Like I have done for most blog tours I have big, big plans for the tour, but reality, aka the flu, quickly reminds me I need to pare down my sewing list.  While spending a week on the couch I searched and searched for fabric options.  Once I narrowed them down I spent time with the boy deciding which one he wanted.


When I tell you letting a 6 3/4 (you can’t leave out his 3/4’s) year old decide on fabric is a bad decision please take heed.  I purposely narrowed it down, because he is my child and will lose focus.  He is that Dory meme personified.  We looked at a few different options before going with these dinosaurs.  They were secretly my first choice.

So let’s get down to it.  I ordered the dinosaur fabric from Olumis Fabric and the stripes are from Mabel Madison. I knew these thin stripes would be PERFECT for these dinos.

We got the hard part done, but then we needed to decide on a pattern.  He chose the Regem from Sofilantjes Patterns.


While we were choosing fabric I asked him if he understood what this topic was about.  He told me he did.  I asked him if he liked pink.  “Pink is my favorite color.” His favorite color changes every day, but I love that he doesn’t care and loves pink (even though I don’t hahahaha). He then went on one of his little tirades about it’s just a color and he doesn’t understand what the problem is. Hopefully, that doesn’t change.  I try very hard to let them both of my mini humans know that colors have no gender.


The boy loves his new top.  I took it back from him, because I don’t want it to get worn out before we go to La Brea Tar Pits next month. Maybe he will get the matching shorts before the trip…


I hope you enjoyed our stop and I invite you to visit the other blogs on the tour.  So many cool pink outfits on these guys.





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  1. Katy M. says:

    I love the origami dinos and the blocking you did with the stripes on the back! What a gorgeous 6 3/4 little one you have there!


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