Sunday Lately – Week 160

Hi all! This is my first Sunday Lately.  If you don’t already know Sunday Lately is a weekly link up.  This year they have decided to invite others to co-host.  This week’s prompts called to me, so here I am!

This week’s prompts are: Getting. Using. Photographing.


Where do I start? Believe it or not “getting” is such a loaded word.  We are getting used to a new normal.  I have taken on new responsibilities with my job and that means things have to change in the house.  Aftercare needs to happen longer than usual at school, but for less days, so I guess it works.  Getting me time in. I do so much that I sometimes forget that I need to take care of myself too. Time to pull out my bubble bath that I have been looking at for months.





I purchased a planner.  I love lists. I pretty much make a list for everything.  I needed something a little bit more involved. I use a website that plans things out, but I needed something tangible.  Something to physically write in.  So far it’s working out. Using this planner has helped keep the crazy in check.  Let’s hope I stick with it.



I signed up for a 52 week Photography Challenge. I have to admit that I am 1000% intimidated by the people in this group, but I have to get over it.  I want to learn to use my camera properly to take better photos.  My pictures have become better over the years, but I just need that push and I think this challenge is it.



Sunday Lately is a weekly linkup presented by the Blogger Tribe.Next week’s themes: Hiding, Quoting, Telling. <!– end InLinkz script –>”>code and add this button to your Sunday Lately post!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    I have been lost without my planner so far this year! I bought a downloadable planner last year (for this year) that I love but still haven’t found the time to print it all out yet…maybe I’ll add that to this week’s list (yes, I am a list-maker too!)


    1. melkitho says:

      Do yourself a favor and DO IT!


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