Boys Can Wear Pink – Season 3


BOYS CAN WEAR PINK!! Today is my day! I have followed this tour for the last two years and I love the theme.  I don’t know when we became a society of people that assigns gender to colors. My son actually likes pink.   My father’s favorite color was purple.  When I told my son we were doing this tour he looked at me puzzled.  He took what I said and walked away.  He comes back and says, “Of course boys can wear pink, Mommy. This thing is silly.”  I wish everyone thought the same way, kid.

I had the hardest time trying to find fabric and I went back and forth and forth and back.  I finally stopped overthinking it and went with what we know.  Cars.  This dude is OBSESSED with cars.  He isn’t just interested in them.  He tries to physically ingest any and all information he can about automobiles.  He can tell you what most any car on the road is, and if he doesn’t know he asks and then we have to ask Google.

I found this awesome race car fabric from Mabel Madison.  It’s poplin and awesome to work with.  Best part? It combines his life’s blood and the color pink.  20170207_161741

I made him a Lumberjack shirt with a hood, because those are apparently a staple as well.  Must have hood.

He loves his new shirt, and I love that he loves wearing things I’ve made him.  I think it’s great that so far at his age pink is just a color.  I sure hope we can keep it that way.

Two thumbs up for pink!

What’s a blog tour without prizes? We have A LOT of them.  Today’s prizes are:


2 digital designs of choice from Thread and Grain

2 PDF patterns of choice from Sunday Girl Designs

2 Patterns of choice from CKC Boys Patterns

3 PDF pattern pack from Ellie And Mac

Pattern of choice from 5 out of 4 Patterns

Pattern of choice from New Horizons

Pattern of choice from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

Pattern of choice from Little Moo Designs

Pattern of choice from Laela Jeyne Patterns

$30 gift certificate to AVTR Fabric

$30 gift certificate from Phat Quarters

And right here you can enter a Rafflecopter giveaway !

You can check out the rest of the bloggers on this tour below.  Some great things were made for their little boys and their big boys.  You don’t want to miss them.

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  1. Well that fabric find couldn’t have been more perfect if you’d designed it yourself! I love this top! What a little cutie!


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