One Thimble Issue 13 Blog Tour

I can not believe it is already November. I JUST did a post for the previous issue (Here’s a link incase you missed it Issue 12).  The last couple of months have royally stunk for me, so it’s good to get back to something that I love to do.  For those of you that don’t know One Thimble is an Australian based sewing e-zine.  This post is going to contain a lot of firsts for me. First time reading through a One Thimble e-zine issue, first Tadah Patterns pattern, and first Filles à Maman pattern. There will be a some affiliate links, but I promise not to turn into an infomercial with it.


Let’s get started shall we? Up first is the e-zine.  What a great publication! It is full of patterns and by full I mean 10. 10 patterns. There are hyperlinks throughout so you can quickly get back or get to an article.

I enjoyed all of the articles.  There was information about servicing your machine.  New to knits? There is an article walking you through knits.  There is another walking you through leather. Yes. Leather.  This issue is FULL of many tips and tricks.  Bra making, snaps… Ok that’s enough I don’t want to give everything away (There are also bonus tutorials, but you didn’t hear that from me.).

If you purchase your copy of Issue 13 by 11/14 you will receive a bonus calendar.


After 11/14 you won’t get the awesome calendar, but it’s still an amazing deal. 10 patterns for $25 AUD.  You can’t beat that.

NOW for the real reason you’re here, to see some of these awesome patterns in motion.

Up first is Tadah Patterns contribution the Peg Shorts.  As soon as I saw these shorts I knew I was going to use this navy fabric with gold dots that I bought last year.

The shorts have a longer and shorter length, a kawaii ruffle or skirt, POCKETS!!, and optional back welt pockets.  They come together quickly and are just so sweet. Here in the states we are in full fall mode, and these easily transition to fall as you can see.  I really wanted to show how cute they are with boots and the Diva was not happy about switching from her gold shoes to boots, but she looks so cute both ways.


Next, I made the Filles à Maman One Romper.  This was my first FAM pattern and I was NOT disappointed at all.  I love a good romper.  Those that have read some of my other posts know that I LOVE a good one piece.  Very Daddy friendly.

The romper has quite a few options, short and long length, round and v-necks, a t-shirt option.  There is an open shoulder that is optional on the t-shirt, but very necessary for the romper. There is also a patch pocket.

I looked at this romper and couldn’t decide what I wanted to use for it.  Then I remembered that Mabel Madison had this amazing giraffe fabric.  I got both fabrics for this romper from MM.  Once I completed it I was so nervous that it was busy, but once I got it on Ms. Busy I was sold.  This romper is amazing. Another quick sew and the steps are not fussy at all.


Last, but nowhere least I made the Sofilantjes Patterns Orbis Skinny Harems.  Those that have read past posts also know that I am partial (just a little bit) to Sofilantjes.  I have worked with Anne as her VA for almost a year now.  When she told me she was going to be pitching a pattern to One Thimble I thought great… “What’s that?” After I found out what One Thimble was, “I thought this is going to be good.”  I liked the theme “Asian Pop”.

Anne came up with these AWESOME harem pants.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of traditional harems.  These are great because they are skinny and don’t have that “over loaded diaper” look.   They come in 2 lengths 3/4 and long, one large pocket and a faux fly.



I had to get my son in on some modeling action with these.  I got the fabric for these from Mabel Madison as well. Both of us loved how these turned out. He kept telling me how comfy they were.



My favorite thing about Sofilantjes is how quick the patterns come together and the outcome is fantastic every time.  You will not be disappointed with any pattern.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and I was pleased with all of the patterns I brought to life for this post.  You have to get you copy today.  I promise you that you won’t be disappointed (The added bonus of the calendar sweetens the pot.  The pretty colored Singer machines are so much fun).  Check out the other ladies that have contributed to this tour.  There are so many amazing creations coming in the next few days.



11/10 Pattern Revolution, Beri Bee Designs, The Sew and Tell Project, SewSophieLynn

11/11 Create 3.5, GAAFMACHINE

11/12 Tales of a Tester, Little Cumquat, Call Ajaire

11/13 Happy Okapi, Sunflower Seams, Stitches by Laura

11/14 Made by Sara, Candice Ayala, Filles a Maman

11/15 House of Estrela, Snickerdoodle Stew, Swoodson Says

11/16 The Lady and the Gents, Lulu & Celeste, Pear Berry Lane

11/17 Finn’s Door, Blue Wren Handmade, Once Upon a Sewing Machine, Just Add Fabric


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Mel Henry says:

    So cool! Your fabric choices are gorgeous! Thanks a lot for sewing my romper, it looks so adorable on your daughter! xx


    1. melkitho says:

      Thank you! When I saw it I knew right away I was making it!


  2. How fabulous! Absolutely love your creations and the gorgeous styling.


    1. melkitho says:

      Thank you! I love these shorts!


  3. Jen Kennedy says:

    WOW! I love all the things you sewed and thank-you so much for your kind words about OT!


    1. melkitho says:

      Thank you so much for reading! I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.


  4. Aubrey says:

    Those outfits are precious!


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