Sofilantjes is 2!

I promised another blog post this week and here it is!!!

This week we are celebrating Sofilantjes‘ 2 year  Anniversary with this awesome blog tour. I have been working with Anne now since January as her Virtual Assistant, but I have been testing for her since the Omni Tempore (for those of you counting that’s almost 2 years).  This blog tour is a little different for me.  I have also been working behind the scenes. Putting everything together has been a lot of work, but I am enjoying seeing everything come to light.

I hope you are all enjoying the different pattern hacks, mash-ups, and all of the awesome prizes.  Our prize sponsors have been amazing.  Read all the way to the end for the rafflecopter to win some great patterns.  I hope you have been reading along all week, learning some new tricks, and winning some prizes.  We are also playing games and giving away prizes in our Facebook group Sofilantjes Sew and Show.  Here is my contribution. I hope you try it out.  Before I start I want to mention that throughout the post there are some affiliate links.  I get a small percentage of each sale to feed my fabric addiction.  The struggle is real.

For those of you that know me you know that I LOVE a good romper/one piece. For those that don’t know me let me tell you a little about myself.  I LOVE a good romper/one piece.  I hate having to look for the matching shirt or pants. Separates are ANNOYING, but that’s just me. The end of last year I made Miss Diva an Otium Domi Romper.  We love it.  Since that one is for the cooler months.  She needs something for summer.

Cute right??

When I was talking to Anne about what I would make I knew instantly that I was going to use the Solis bodice and the Domi Shorts. So let’s get started, shall we?

First make your Solis bodice exactly as stated in the instructions. When you’re done put it to the side.

Next start on your Domis.  I did the rounded pocket.  It’s my favorite.  The only change I made with the pocket was instead of a 3/8″ s.a. I used 1/4″ so the ribbing was wider.


Continue following the instructions through to step 12.  When you get to 12 stop. Here is where I started making changes.

The next thing you need to do is lay your Domi shorts out right side down.  I hemmed them at this point.  I used wash away wonder tape to hold the fabric in place while I sewed it down.  Next you sew the front and back rises.

We’re almost done! Now lay your shorts in front of you with the crotch up.  Now it’s time to prep the fabric for your snaps.  I need more coffee and a donut.  Your need a 3/8″ wide scrap piece of interfacing to apply to the crotch seam allowance. Once the interfacing is applied sew the crotch pieces down and add your snaps.

I used chalk to mark my placement. Hopefully, you can see it in the pictures, because I can barely see it and I TOOK them soooo…

Now that the tedious chore of adding snaps is done we need to attach the waistband.  Follow the instructions up to actually attaching the waistband.  Instead of using the 3/8″ s.a. like the instructions state you want to use 1/4″ s.a. to attach the waistband to the pants.

LAST STEP!!!!! Push the elastic down in your waistband. Quarter mark your Domis and do the same on the Solis bodice.  Now match your quarters marks.  Using a 1/4″ s.a. attach the Solis bodice to your Domi shorts using your favorite method.  You may add a drawstring at this point or tie a piece of twill tape and sew it down to look like a functioning drawstring.




I hope you enjoyed my quick tutorial. Until May 29th you can go purchase your Solis Tunic and Dress, Domi Sweats and any other pattern (excluding bundles) that you would like for 25% off using code CELEBRATE.  Please make sure you visit the other blogs and see what they have made for you.

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Blog schedule

Last but certainly not least. I want to thank our AMAZING sponsors for giving us all of these great prizes to share with you.  Please check them out and click this link to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway.

Full Sponsors

P.S. I LOVE a good outtake.  Here they are. Enjoy them. My daughter is such a ham.

She’s asking me about the train passing by and then she’s more interested in the drawstring and her pockets than she is taking pictures and I have no idea what’s happening in that 1st picture.

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  1. sofilantjes says:

    Totally cool mash up!


  2. inspinration says:

    It looks aesome! When I read your plans I immediatly wanted I had come up with it, I love it.


  3. i want to try this for my daugher … in a bigger size


  4. That is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!
    My kids are not fans of rompers… oh, maybe that’s just me not being a fan and reflect it to my kids… but this is just to darn cute. Maybe I could sew this for my niece’s baby next year, when the kid is old enough for Anne’s patterns 🙂


    1. melkitho says:

      Thank you! Sounds like a plan to me. It’s such a cute romper.


  5. lunatiek says:

    I love it!! She looks great!


  6. Robyn says:

    So awesome idea!


  7. MamC says:

    Such a sweat pants!


  8. Mirjam says:

    Oh this one is so cute… Love it 🙂


  9. Sumi says:

    Very cute, and I adore that cupcake fabric!


  10. Nathje says:

    This one, I absolutely love love love and I feel an urge to try this, so clever and adorable! 😀


    1. melkitho says:

      Thank you! You should try it. It’s not hard at all.


  11. D'sewed says:

    Very Nice!


  12. D'sewed says:



  13. your girl IS the cutest! that smile is awesome!

    and, your mashup is too precious… great idea


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